102 Things About Me

I got this idea from Lindsay Curtis on her blog, “The Daily Awe”. What better way to know yourself than list 100 intimate details unique only to you. Try it; you may be surprised at what you find out! 

Doxie 0081(c)2013 HLamb

1.  I am an Empath; highly sensitive person; intuitive – whatever you want to call it! I have the ability to “feel” others emotions without them saying a word. I know when I am being lied to, and I also know that if you tell me you are “ok”, I know if you’re really not!

2.  For years I have never understood why others don’t ”feel” things on the same level as I do. I have been labeled “overemotional” and “too sensitive”

3.  I have always thought something was seriously wrong with me, like SERIOUSLY wrong with me! I regret beating up on myself for so long

4.  I don’t “see” dead people like the Long Island Medium; but I do see them in dreams and can feel their presence

5.  I am a 20 year old trapped in a 42 yr old body

6.  People always think I look way younger than I am – thank you mom for those genes!

7.  I love my long dark hair and I will rock a long mane even when it turns grey

8.  Who made it a law that you have to cut off your hair when you are old?!?! I’m planning on breaking that law!

9.   I am terrified of spiders; especially if they are black and you can see their eyes

10.  I make up words that make sense to me and then use them as if everyone  knows what I am talking about

11.   Cupcakes make me happy

12.   Pink is my favorite color

13.   My wardrobe consists of black, grey and white with a dash of pink

14.   “3” has always been my favorite number and I tend to “do” things in 3

15.   I was married at 22 right out of college for 10 ½ years

16.   I had all my babies before I was 30

17.  I am a mother to 3 wonderful and totally unique boys; Ages 18, 17 and 12

18.  I went through a painful divorce and moved back to Colorado in 2004

19.   I moved in with my Dad. No job, no house, no money – but the happiest I had been in a looooong time!

20.   Dad told me I would never find a man to take on me and 3 boys. Dad also told me I would never be able to support myself by doing real estate

21.   Don’t EVER tell me I can’t do something or I am not good enough to do it! I will prove you wrong 🙂

22.   I have supported myself and my family and have been successful

23.   That yucky divorce and bad Dad advice were blessings in disguise! I am where I am now because of them!

24.    My oldest son is going to college in the fall

25.    I almost drowned when I was 4 in the neighborhood swimming pool

26.    To this day I am terrified to be in or on the water but have to be near it!

27.   The ocean calms my soul and pulls me to it. I have incredible peacefulness standing at its edge.

28.   I have an intense desire to live in the Pacific Northwest

29.   I am moving to Oregon in two years or less

30.  Nature takes my breath away and I see beauty in it wherever I go

31.   I have always wanted to write a book

32.   I am creative and love to do Martha Stewart type things

33.   I am extremely anal about wrapping Xmas gifts. They must match and have a perfect “tie on” – I detest sticky bows and refuse to buy them

34.   I am terrified of scary movies and anything demonic

35.   Children of the Corn was my first horror movie and I am scared of it ‘til this day

36.   I absolutely love children and their innocence

37.   I have always wanted to adopt a little girl

38.   My math comprehension level halted at a 5th grade level. I am paralyzed when I have to do any sort of mathematical task; make change… Oh my God shoot me!

39.   I still secretly use my fingers to count

40.   I do not know my multiplication times tables very well past the 5’s – especially 7’s

41.   I cry a lot; like almost every day my eyes will glisten with tears at some point

42.   I hate watching the news and hearing about horrible events

43.   I don’t read the newspaper

44.   I LOVE sweets, especially baked goods

45.   I would love to own a bakery/coffee shop someday

46.   I think I could live off of powdered sugar doughnuts for the rest of my life

47.   I am terrified of getting “fat”

48.   I have the ugliest feet of anyone I know

49.   I am fascinated with spirits and the afterlife

50.   I want to grow spiritually and increase my consciousness, always living with purpose

51.   I am always trying to figure out how to leave “my stamp” on the world and make a difference

52.   I really don’t like cats and don’t ever want another one, but I will always love Stella

53.   I will live on property someday with my chickens, a mini donkey named Molly, a dahlia garden and possibly a pygmy goat

54.   I do not like to be around a lot of people

55.   Taking a cruise would be the WORST vacation I could ever think of!

56.   I have always struggled with anxiety and depression

57.   I had breast implants 12 years ago and it was one of the BEST things I have ever done!

58.   I care deeply for people

59.   I fall in love with people easily

60.   People can sometimes annoy the hell outta me, especially on a Saturday at Costco or Walmart

61.   My biggest fear is not finding the one I’ve been searching for

62.   I am horribly insecure, but working on it everyday

63.   I want to live a life with purpose and happiness, otherwise what are we doing?

64.   I believe in daydreams and true love stories

65.   I love to make things look pretty and organized

66.   Alcoholism runs in my family and I grew up with an alcoholic father

67.   Alcohol makes me sick, emotionally and physically

68.   I smoked pot for the first time ever when I was 41 – I have never laughed so hard in my life and haven’t touched it since

69.   I was terrified of trying drugs in high school and never touched any of them

70.   I LOVE old people. I see them when I am out and just want to take them home with me. They are so adorable.

71.   I organized an Adopt-A-Senior program for local seniors on Medicare and was able to give them a Christmas like no other. There were lots of tears and I was humbled to my core

72.   I volunteer and visit some of the seniors that I met. So many don’t have anyone. I want to be their “someone”

73.   One of my Spirit Guides is a very old and wise Native American male

74.   I am learning that even as we age, we are all still children inside

75.   I grew up in Denver but have never felt like I belonged there, even though all my family was there.

76.   I have never felt “good” enough, until now

77.   I have always wished I could be a vegetarian but I like bacon too much! Maybe someday

78.   I have always known I am here to make a difference, and just now discovering what that is

79.   I communicate through writing far better than if I have to verbalize something. I feel tongue tied and my words get mixed up

80.   My dominant clair is clairsentient – I just “know” or “feel” things, but can’t explain how they get there

81.   My second clair would be clairvoyance – I see things or visions in my mind’s eye

82.   I am humbled and blessed by all of the synchronicities that surround me on a daily basis

83.   I have visions more frequently now that I have accepted that part of me

84.   I am more grateful and full of purpose now than ever before in my life

85.   My youngest son is highly intuitive and I would guess to be an empath. He has seen spirit

86.   I love to run to release negative energy; I have to get out in nature, it helps me escape and be more grounded

87.   I have so much to learn but don’t always know where to find it

88.   I must drink coffee everyday – I LOVE that fresh brewed aroma first thing in the morning

89.   I am a recovering Starbucks addict – I try not to, but still end up there at least 3x a week

90.   I am a real estate agent and I truly LOVE my job; but it is not what I will do the rest of my life

91.   I could never work in an office all day, it literally would kill me!

92.   I am stumbling along, but growing every day

93.   I went to a psychic medium for the first time ever in January of this year

94.   January 23, 2013 – my life changed forever, thank you Mary Beth for giving me that gift!

95.   Everything I thought I knew was validated in 30 minutes. I will never be the same.

96.   If people only knew how much more there is to this world – I want to help “awaken” others

97.   I have always had a connection with trees. As a child I was always up in them. I love Cottonwood trees and I still want to climb them

98.   Someday I will build a tree house where I can escape to read and write

99.   Children and animals are drawn to me. Whenever we are out, children stop and gaze up at me with a smile. It’s as if they know… same with animals

100.  I am a Pisces

101.  I swim laps once a week to conquer my fear of drowning. I really don’t like swimming, at all! There are 70yr olds that swim longer and more gracefully than me.

102.  I have a vomit phobia. I will seriously freak out if anyone throws up, pretends to throw up or feels like they are going to throw up! I will high tail it out of there!

Love and Light,

~ by Heather on June 30, 2013.

One Response to “102 Things About Me”

  1. This is amazing! I want to make a list like this for me. So inspired by how much you have just put yourself out there. You have to know –

    1. My feet are FOR SURE uglier than yours!

    2. A cruise isn’t that bad…I love them. 🙂

    3. I LOVE trees too. Just bought one and had it planted in our front yard. If or when we move leaving that tree will be tough for me! Stupid I know but I bet you understand. 🙂

    4. I am a Pisces too

    Your amazing….keep being you and sharing it with the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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