Are You Present?

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     What does it mean to be present? When you are fully present, you are aware of everything happening within you and around you at that very moment. The past and future have no influence, the focus lies only on what is right in front of you. When present, not only are you fully aware of the thoughts running through your mind, but also your loving acceptance of them. Being present means acknowledging a higher level of awareness.

     We live in a world where it is easy to be anything but present. The minute a feeling or emotion creeps into our awareness, we are quick to dismiss it and file away in our “deal with later” folder. Sometimes one emotion can bring a whole party of other feelings and triggers along with it. We may feel ashamed, guilty or fearful of the truth that lies behind those emotions. We think it is easier to stop the train at the station before we have to deal with a locomotive charging full speed ahead. Overtime, these un-dealt with emotions amplify and wait patiently for us to acknowledge them. One thing they will never do is disappear; no matter how hard you ignore, dismiss, self-medicate or justify – they are there, waiting for you!

     How often do we dismiss what we are thinking because we judge it as something we shouldn’t be feeling? How easy is it to ignore our true emotions and make excuses for them because we are afraid? Fear is a powerful distraction that keeps us from looking at our true selves – fear of exposure, fear of truth, fear of realizing we are not living the lives we were meant to be living. It is no surprise to me that we live in a self medicated world full of addictions. How convenient to numb our emotions away instead of looking at what is our truth. Most of us operate on auto pilot just to get through another day – that is surviving not thriving!

     When you approach your emotions without judgment, criticism or guilt, you are honoring yourself. Do not judge yourself. Emotions are neither right nor wrong – they just are. By letting yourself feel whatever it is you are experiencing, you begin to be true to yourself. Allow yourself to work through the feelings instead of reacting to them. It is okay to feel, and you have the right to. If you are highly sensitive and intuitive you have probably been told at some point that you are too emotional. Embrace your gift and honor your emotions – that is who you are!

Love and Light,

~ See River Bank Visualization Meditation ~

~ by Heather on July 1, 2013.

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