River Bank Visualization Meditation

DSC02257(c) 2013 HLamb
River Bank Visual Meditation

     If you are an Empath, you are no stranger to the flooding of emotions that overcome you daily. This meditation helps me when I am feeling overwhelmed. I set my intention on being present and place myself into the role of an observer. This river bank visualization was described beautifully by a gentleman who defined it as the act of placing yourself into the role of an observer to your thoughts. Or simply stated, “Get out of your head!” By being an observer to your thoughts and emotions, you simply observe without judgment or criticism. You do not form opinions or react to your thoughts – you watch them.

Begin by picturing yourself sitting alongside a beautiful riverbank. Spend some time envisioning the scenery however you want it to look like. Create every detail of your surroundings.

Notice the trees that tower above you, feel the grass beneath you, the plants around you. Are there butterflies or insects fluttering along the water’s edge?

What do you hear? Notice the chirping and melodic songs of the birds; the gurgling lullaby of the river as it dances in front of you; the splashing of the water as it hits the rocks looking for a way around.

Imagine a gentle warm breeze gliding across your face, bringing with it the fragrant aroma of a willow tree and wildflowers. All your senses should be fully ignited. You are completely present; your mind void of anything other than the sensory overload created by your surroundings.

Once you have created your setting, focus your attention on the river. The water rushing by you represents your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Let them flow by you. You acknowledge them, but you are not part of them.

Observe without judgment or action. By doing this, you are able to remove yourself from any feelings of anger, fear, resentment or whatever else is being stirred within you.

Notice how peaceful it is to remove yourself from that string of thoughts and not have any “feelings” associated with those thoughts. You are now completely present within your being; nothing else matters, no thoughts of the past or future are anywhere with you right now.

Watch your river as long as you need until you begin to feel a sense of peace and calmness. Give yourself the gift of just being, and take however long you need to get there.

By doing this meditation, I have discovered I can release whatever negative feelings associated with my thoughts are and move through them more quickly. I hope this exercise gives you another tool to assist in dealing with emotion overload!

Love and Light,

~ by Heather on July 3, 2013.

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