Sweet Surrender

(c) 2013 DSmith

“Our power lies not within our ability to control our lives, but in our ability to control our reactions and perceptions.” ~ HL

     Lightning strikes when we least expect it. Without warning and lasting only fractions of a second, creating silent beauty with an un-defendable Godlike power. It exits with a thunderous boom as a reminder of how quickly our lives can change. In a split instant, our present reality switches to a new reality whether we want it to or not.

     Life doesn’t seem to be aware of our agendas. We spend our thoughts, feelings and emotions creating the world like we think it should be, like we want it to be, like we hope it to be. The irony however, lies within the belief that we have the utmost control of what happens in our lives; the reality is we actually have very little. We can wish and hope that things will develop like we think they should, but what happens when they do not? How do we react when things don’t go according to our plans?

     We DO have control over how we react to our circumstances. We DO have the power to create and control the thoughts that define our experiences. Within this truth, lies some of our greatest lessons….

     How is it that two people faced with the exact same situation can react or define it completely differently? Each person “chooses” how they let the world affect them. One may surrender with acceptance that they have absolutely no control and embrace the lesson within. Instead of sending hate and sadness, they send love and acceptance. The other person however may choose to be a “victim”, and be filled with rage and anger. Putting so much energy into fighting something that cannot be defeated serves no purpose other than wasting large amounts of negative energy. Either response does nothing to change the reality of the circumstance, but each person will come out differently depending on their definition of their “truths”.

No matter what troubles find you (and find you they will), how you choose to define your troubles, will ultimately define you and your reality.

Bad things happen and are going to continue to happen, no matter how angry, upset or frustrated you are – the reality is, the situation is still there and still exists.

When you surrender to the things you cannot control and just “accept” what is to be true, you free yourself from pain and hardship.

     One of the most loving and freeing gifts you can give yourself is the act of sweet surrender. Do not give away your power to the things in which you have no control. If you can embrace, accept and love everything and anything life throws at you, you will create peace and harmony within your soul.

Love and Light,



~ by Heather on July 14, 2013.

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