“I’m an Empath… You’re a What?!?!”


     (c) 2013 HLamb

     I will never forget the day I stumbled across a website that defined what it was to be an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person. I had never heard those terms before, but the words I read described my life in such perfection, I had to keep reading them over and over again. Finally, the uncertain chapters from my life began to make perfect sense. The puzzle pieces that had once been scattered about, now gracefully had fallen into a place of love and understanding creating a beautiful image.

      I wept for hours that evening.  It was a beautiful revelation to know the secret struggles I had been trying to understand and “fix”, had all been in vain. All of the experiences  I had questioned, all of the emotions I had tried to suppress, all of the things I had kept hidden so well from not only others, but myself  –  all of these things validated in an single life changing instant. I had always thought I was just “different”, or that there was something wrong with me – there was absolutely nothing wrong with me! Even better, there are more people out there just like me who experience the world in HD.

     To put it simply, an Empath or HSP, is someone who is highly sensitive to the vibrations, feelings and emotions of others. They have the ability to “feel” and “know” what a person is experiencing without them saying a word. I know so much about a person just from a simple “hello”. I can sense immediately if they are a good person, and if they are not. Several times during the day I will lock eyes with another individual and think to myself, “She is a good soul”. I usually assess someone right on target with what I am picking up. I can tell if a person is dishonest, a manipulator, a cheater, if they are sad, hurt, sick, etc. Sometimes when I verbalize what I have picked up about someone, my kids will say, “Mom, you are SO judgmental!” I try to keep my observations to myself because I do not want to come across as judgmental… but I will admit, I just “Call it as I see it!”

     Empaths also can literally take on another’s physical pain or emotions to help heal another. This is my biggest weakness. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought I was having a heart attack because I was “Empathing” another’s heartbreak or pain. I physically feel the emotions and pain of others as if I were the one experiencing it. That in itself has been my biggest struggle and taken a huge toll on me. For years I would experience all these emotions and ask myself, “Why am I feeling this way?” I didn’t realize it at the time, but they weren’t my feelings to be feeling!

     Like a moth to a flame, I have attracted hurting souls for as long as I can remember. Total strangers approach me and proceed to instantly confess incredibly intimate details of their life, pain and struggles. I have never understood why and just thought it was because I was a good listener, but I now see it goes far deeper. Empaths are natural healers and incredibly compassionate souls. They have an intense need and desire to help others, sometimes at the expense of their own well-being. I simply don’t know how to NOT to help others. It is such an intimate part of who I am, and an indescribable force within – one I cannot explain or deny. I have been told that I should quit worrying about everyone else and just “turn that off”! I can’t turn it off, but I am trying to implement ways of coping with it for my own well being.

     It has been said that, “The eyes are the window to the soul”. That perfectly describes how an Empath relates with the world. Empaths “see” the entire person, not just the physical being in front of them. They can see a person’s “soul” when they look at them, especially looking into their eyes. I have to make myself aware and conscious to not “see” everyone I encounter in a day. Thank goodness there are wonderful resources out there that aid in keeping Empaths grounded and manage their abilities so they can fully enjoy their lives. Sensory overload and not being grounded can deplete an Empath’s energy and wear them down physically and emotionally. I still have a lot of work to do, but just taking it one day at a time!

Love and Light,



~ by Heather on July 16, 2013.

22 Responses to ““I’m an Empath… You’re a What?!?!””

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I now have a word for what I am. I knew I was an introvert. Their feelings tend to run deeper that those of extroverts. Now that I have the label of Empath, I can research to find the answers I have been seeking.



    • To be understood is a blessing. To be understood by many is even a greater blessing. To fully understand yourself and not hide who you really are is the greatest blessing of all! Here’s to celebrating wonderful you and your journey!
      L&L ~ Heather


  2. More and more people are finding out they are Empaths. I’m glad this information is starting to get out there, though we’re still along way away from bringing it into the public consciousness.


    • I totally agree Gary, definitely a long way to go! We can nurture each other by raising awareness and helping other Empaths feel comfortable in their own skin so they can shine their own light. It can be very lonely and isolating in a world that doesn’t understand a reality outside of a “black and white” world. Thank you for your blog and wonderful research and articles you have written over the years 🙂


  3. Hi Gary and Heather. I’m not surprised to see you here Gary. There must be some kind of spiritual beacon that allows the empaths of the world to find each other. Spiritual connections. Nothing really surprises me anymore. As for the empath thing, I would love it if my Greater-Self would take it back. I understand this “gift” is meant to promote spiritual growth, but I’m wondering if I really had a say in any of this. 🙂


    • Hi David! Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it 🙂 Gary found my blog only days after I made it public and I am so grateful he found me so in turn I could find him. Thank goodness for that spiritual beacon that helps us find one another because it’s too lonely out there otherwise! As for giving your “gift” back… no chance buddy, embrace it! I am sure you will never know how many lives you touch, not to mention that your writing is astounding (whether you understand it or not)! I think it is only human for us to doubt our experiences and giving full trust to our higher self can be very difficult sometimes! 🙂


  4. I understand everything you are saying here about being an empath. I was tempted to make a few personal remarks. I’m extremely open about my life, but I don’t like to leave random comments about myself all over the Internet. People tend to interpret things in a way that’s convenient for their beliefs.

    I’d people happy discuss my opinion on higher powers, angels, demons, guides, perfectionism, spiritual evolution, etc., by email or chat. People ask me about these things every day. All of these things are related to a person’s spiritual awakening. You are probably already aware of this. More people are experiencing the awakening than ever before. At one time, the Truth was known only by some small groups. Now everyone is catching on. Also, just because a person can see the Truth, doesn’t mean he or she is experiencing significant personal growth.

    I read a couple of your articles Heather. You’re an excellent writer. You used certain descriptive words and phrases in Soul Calls that worked well in getting your message across to your readers. Emotion is a form of nonverbal communication just like body language. If you remove the nonverbal piece, a person’s conversation becomes flat and their meaning is lost. Sorry. I’m going off on a tangent as usual. 🙂 I guess what I’m trying to say is that your sensitive side in is evident in your writing.

    I’ll just say that creativity and inspiration comes naturally to us emotionally “gifted” folks! Thanks!


    • David, thank you so much for the compliment and validation. Love the Empath joke to Gary, of course he likes you 😉 I do get overwhelmed at times with information overload, but the funny thing is…. I get exactly what I need, at the time I need it. I am far from having everything all “figured out”, but who does have it all figured out? Have you thought about having a blog in addition to your website? Maybe you already do! I know I would love to hear more about what you have to say. Thank you David! 🙂


      • Gary found a blog that I set up once on Powweb. I received the email that said he created an account. I don’t know where to find it on my dashboard. I’ll have to look in to it. Everyone has a blog. I should jump in.

        I’ve received a couple of questions yesterday that were very legit. One woman is a coach and healer. She said she doesn’t want negative clients. That’s a reasonable thought for any self-employed person. How do you think I responded that? I said, “How much personal development and spiritual growth can a person experience without negativity. Let’s face it; nobody wants to deal with negative people (including me).

        I look at it this way, “How can we transform negativity into something positive.” It’s like alchemy – turning lead into gold. That’s much better for our spiritual growth. Yes, it’s a lot of work. It’s a matter of knowing when a person is ready for your help. And then you have to know what kind of help you can reasonably offer the other person without harming yourself. We’re not in the business of saving souls at the expense of sacrificing our own.

        Another woman asked me how to make more money (I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask). There are a million ways to answer that question. I like the answer that it’s an infinite universe, and there’s enough for everyone. I struggled in my twenties when I was getting started with my business. After a while, I realized that money always came in when I needed it. I don’t why that is exactly. There could be a number of different reasons . . . universal laws, divine intervention, higher powers, guides, past-lives, our own initiative . . . you name it. Law of attractionists have a simple answer. I’m not saying they are wrong. We, as individuals, are certainly responsible for everything *we* create. I’m not sure that the law of attraction accounts for every event that occurs in the world or in our personal realities. Universal laws are complicated because there are so many of them. And then are many other powers involved in shaping our lives.

        I told the woman that I was successful in my professional career because I had a passion for what I was doing. I also knew I was worth what my clients were paying me.

        There are a few of my thoughts. I’m still figuring it out. It’s a work in progress. We only get a small piece of the Truth in each successive lifetime. You’d be surprised to know that the “average” spirit knows less about the nature of the universe than the people on your blog. How often do mediums get a profound message from the other side? For the most part, spirits want to say “We are still here.” And that’s comforting to their loved ones.

        I remember hearing a long-time Rosicrucian mystic (he was in his 50’s) say to himself (with a slight laugh). “I know nothing.” I didn’t say anything to him. I knew what he meant.

        I get overwhelmed too. The bottom line is that you will get through it. Everyone makes it to the finish line. Some people will have a better journey than others, based on their outlook. We all struggle through it. That’s a necessary part of the experience. To be honest, I’m not always thrilled with that answer. That’s the realization every awakened person will eventually come to. It’s a wonder anyone wants to hear what I have to say. 🙂


  5. Gary I didn’t realize you are living in Australia (I assume you will see this at some point). I now have friends all over the world! You do like me right? 🙂 That’s my empath sense of humor.


    • If you had a ‘like’ button, I’d click it. 🙂


      • There you are . . . I thought you were mad at me 🙂 I like your witty reply. Waite would you use witty or clever in that last sentence?

        Do you think any empaths would take me seriously if I didn’t put the smiley? Smiley faces are crucial to the emotional sanity of the online empath community 🙂 This includes me of course.

        BTW – When I don’t like something I make veiled sarcastic remarks in my articles and books. I also joke around like that too though. That’s my personality. At least now, everybody knows. 🙂 Thanks Gary. I hope things are well with you.


  6. I was looking at some of the comments on your website and I identified with a few things you brought up. So my mind took off. My editor calls it “an out-of-mind-experience.” My misc thoughts here might be worth keeping. Maybe one of your readers will get something out of it. On different pages of your blog, you mention things like demons, perfectionist tendencies, life’s purpose, helping others, etc. I got swept up in the moment.

    It sounds like you had an awakening recently. Congratulations! You weren’t hoping to get all the answers . . . were you? An awareness of the Truth only brings more questions. 🙂

    At one time, people like us were called mystics. I think the new name for mystics is lightworkers. That’s one of the titles I’ve seen on other people’s websites.

    People also call demons . . . negative energies . . . Patrick already explained to me why these beings were given this name. I can tell you as an empath that they feel like evil. They emanate an evil vibration. If you ever come across them you will understand.

    Anyhow, please try out my contact page. Thanks Heather!


    • Oh I have plenty of questions, trust me! I have also heard the term “Lightworker” and get the sense they are angels here on Earth. I love everything you wrote, thank you. I have always been terrified of negative energies. As a little girl there was an evil presence that lived in my closet. I had horrifying reoccurring dreams of demons. When I left for college, they stopped. I am a realtor and I can sense a house’s energy upon entering. I had another horrifying experience with a negative energy (pure evil) while with a client once that still haunts me to this day. I could never go looking for these entities like Patrick because I am scared of getting into something that I would not be able to handle. I have no desire to mess with things that are not of light and goodness. I guess I am a scaredy cat 😉

      A friend of mine sent me this quote and I love its simplicity…“There are those who are asleep, let them sleep. There are those who are awakening, stir them gently. There are those who are awake, nurture them –
      For they are the guardians of the planet.”
      ~ Anonymous


      • Personally, I’m intrigued by such entities and places.

        On one hand, I’d love to know more, but on the other hand, I tend to also steer clear.

        I don’t scare easily, myself and generally, I find that paranormal activities rarely occur around me, especially nowadays. Not sure if it’s because I’ve sacred them off, or I just don’t pick up on them.

        And people like Patrick I would love to just chat with, because I’m sure they have a lot of fascinating things to share.

        I’m always looking at Youtube to see if I can find any decent videos on ghost sightings. Sadly, rare is the one that is genuine, it seems.

        The only genuine one that I felt was worth my time was by Scared!, who are ghost hunters, and seem to maintain their objectivity, to the point where nothing happens in some episodes. And personally, I’d rather that happen, than something faked.

        By the way, the final edit of my autobiography is still happening, but I will send you a link once it’s done. My partner says I need to get it out there, and at the same time, I’m completely ambivalent about doing so. Meh.


      • Oh wow! That’s perfect (I’ll tell you why you are a perfectionist sometime). I wish I wrote that. I couldn’t have put any better myself. I wish I knew the author’s name.

        I feel that the awakened person has responsibility (that’s probably not the right word) to help others. If he/she chooses to, and only to the extent that he/she is comfortable. And only when a person is ready to. I’ve gotten some flack for that statement. As always I put in an article. A few articles.

        The first time I came directly in contact with evil I was completely terrified. Terrified is a strong word. This feeling might be equivalent to a a mother realizing her child has gone missing in a mall. Actually, its probably nothing like that, I just can’t think of a better comparison at the moment. It turned out to be one of those dark cloud entities. I got a very close look at it.

        I’ve had a number of encounters with them since then. I’m not scared or impressed with them. Don’t be afraid of them, they love that. It only encourages them. Email me. I have an off blog topic I want to bring up. Thanks!


  7. thank you so much for writing this blog – I too am an empath, and am going through the transition phase and learning to adjust to what is me, and what is someone elses! up until yesterday I always thought there was something wrong with me..I have literally had every known disease, pain, worry, feeling, mental illness, physical illness known to MAN! I have endlessly tried to google maybe what I could be? surely there is something wrong with me for feeling so deeply? am I hypochondriac? up until yesterday I fully understood that no, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with me in the slightest, I am an empath, and although it is hard at the moment learning to adjust, I am sure I and anyone else reading this will find their own ways of adjusting, and when we do, there will be absolutely no stopping us! despite all the initial ‘bad’ we had a gift… with great power, comes great responsibility 🙂 wouldn’t have life ANY other way! best of luck to you, and anyone else on their journey – be it empathic souls or not. how exciting!!! 🙂 xxx


    • Somehow I missed this wonderful comment as I have not been attending to my blog as well as I should have been lately! I apologize! No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all, and I hope you continue to revel in your wonder and celebrate being true to every aspect of who you are. Enjoy the journey and thank you so much for the encouraging words. Shine on 🙂


  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this post- I just wish it was longer. Lol


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