50 Shades of Grey

“I can hear the black and white words coming out of someone’s mouth, but at the same time, I am being bombarded
by their unspoken shades of grey.”  ~ HL


(c)2013 HLamb

     I live in a world filled with only shades of grey (and nothing like the erotic novel believe me!) I think that there are two types of people in this world – Shades of Grey and Black and White. Black and Whites are usually levelheaded, logical, straightforward and very cut and dry. Black and Whites are just what the name suggests, life is black or white and there is nothing in between. They are right or wrong, happy or sad, yes or no, in or out. They can perfectly compartmentalize their logical and linear life into one of two choices – box “A” or box “B”.  

     Shades of Grey people on the other hand, see between the lines. Shades of Grey people see a multitude of different ways to look at life. In between the black and white, exists thousands, if not millions shades of grey. It is here, where Shades of Grey people float amidst an endless sea of grey, never arriving at a final destination of black or white. They find great difficultly being able to operate on a level of a Black and White and vice versa. Living in shades of grey can create challenges in relationships like no other, especially if the other is a Black and White.

     Black and white does not exist in my experience. I cannot explain to a Black and White how or why I live in only shades of grey. I have tried, (oh, how I have tried) to simplify my life and live as a logical, cut and dry, Black and White. In my quest to make things easier and turn off the thinking that goes with living as a Shades of Grey; I end up denying a crucial component of who I am.

     It would be safe to bet that you would never find an Empath operating as a Black and White. An Empath can tune into energy and non-visual cues that most people are completely unaware of. I can hear the black and white words coming out of someone’s mouth, but at the same time, I am being bombarded by their unspoken shades of grey. Not only do I hear the words being said, but I also feel the true meaning behind those words.

     Problems arise when I sense a HUGE contradiction with the words being spoken versus what I am sensing on an intuitive level. It is very difficult to argue or explain to a Black and White this perception without proof. I do not have evidence that supports how I am feeling these contradictions, I just feel it! Black and Whites tend to think that just because their words are tangible, because they were spoken – they must be true. How can I fight or argue the fact that their actions and their energy are telling me otherwise? I can see that there are more underlying feelings involved that are contradicting the words being spoken.

     This is just one of many struggles of being highly sensitive. I have yet to figure out a way to communicate successfully with a Black and White. Conflict usually follows, defeat inevitable and my silence once again remains victor. Tears of frustration bring me relief as I set sail in silence on my ocean of endless shades of grey.

Love & Light



~ by Heather on July 26, 2013.

15 Responses to “50 Shades of Grey”

  1. And maybe I should consider myself lucky for not being a sensitive? 🙂 Heather, are you on Twitter?


  2. That is actually a problem for me, because obvious answers to questions are not obvious to me, because I can see many other possibilities. My mind does not seem to work in the same way others do lol


    • Oh Gary, I hear you! What seems “normal” to me is obviously not “normal” to others. Embrace your uniqueness 🙂


      • Always have 🙂 You just can’t tell too many about it. People tend to get very narky about it for some reason.


      • Good! I’m still working on that, but I am getting better about not caring what other people think – it’s too much work to not just be yourself 😉


    • Yep, not caring helps. I generally don’t bother to hide who I am, though I don’t bother to broadcast it either lol. It’s just curious how some react strongly!


      • Mhmmm… I know. 🙂


      • 🙂 Nice to see you here, Patrick. 🙂


      • That’s why very few people close to me know about my blog. Even fewer know about my paranormal experiences and that I definitely do not broadcast!


      • Completely understand. I decided a few years back that there were many who had experienced what I had, but there just wasn’t the information out there and that fear wasn’t a good enough reason for me not to share them. I have to say, the support network that’s come as a result, and the amount of people who have said to me, thank God I am not crazy after all has made it worthwhile.

        I think, there’s only a couple of people I tend to hide this stuff from, and they are my ‘safe’ places, when I need a break lol.


      • I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your blog and thank you even more for validating that I am not crazy! Finding support through the internet has been a huge lifesaver for me and I hope to return the favor to others who still think they are “crazy”. I finally found others that “get” me


      • Thank you. And I think you’ll find that there will come a time, not too far off, where this type of thing will be considered more normal. (Though, you’ll always have scammers out there ruining it for others, sadly.)


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