Heal Another, Heal Yourself

“You are not here to judge another;
You are not here to fix anybody else;
You are here to heal yourself and in doing that,
help bring healing to others.”
– HL

DSCN1869-001(c)2013 HLamb

    The world has entered into a time of great need for healing. The cries of desperate souls ring out in a melancholy chorus, falling on the ears of those who can hear their song. Tragedies abound on the nightly news, natural disasters are occurring in unprecedented numbers, wars rage on and on with no victor, just countless victims. The human race has begun to decline at the mercy of its own hand.

    As the chaos takes center stage, what most of the world can’t see yet, is the subtle transformation quietly and quickly spreading across the globe. There have been many words used to describe what is happening. An “awakening” or “shift” is currently taking place right beneath you. You may not be able to feel it consciously, but on some much deeper level, your soul is aware. Many feel this change happening, they just can’t explain or understand it. For those that do understand, the enormity of what needs to occur can be overwhelming.

     I can hear the cries from hurting souls, and at times it can be more than I can manage. Recently, I was writing about this in my journal and went to write, “You can’t save the world little Empath.” As I went to write this sentence, a voice boomed “CAN!!!” as I started to write “can’t”. After this experience, I understood that while no one person can save the world, collectively we all can.  A small spark can lead to a raging fire, just as one act of healing can lead to the healing of many. The light must start somewhere.

    I find it easy to see the beauty in another, and it astounds me what people cannot see about themselves when it seems so obvious to me. That gift has always come naturally and I have never understood how I could do that without knowing someone on a deeply personal level. Years of negative self beliefs keep so many trapped in a reality that does not exist outside themselves, myself included!

    As I was helping others discover their beauty within, I began to experience incredible personal healing as well. Aiding another and showing them their light, in turn helps me discover my own inner beauty. We are all here to shine brightly, some have just forgotten and only a flicker remains. Give to another, and you shall receive tenfold back to you. This is where our healing begins. 

Love & Light

~ by Heather on September 4, 2013.

15 Responses to “Heal Another, Heal Yourself”

  1. Beautifully written Heather. It reads like poetry. You possess a remarkable gift for expressing yourself in writing. And yes – There is absolutely a massive transformation taking place in the world.

    It may be that a shift of this magnitude is necessary to allow a global awakening to occur. It’s possible that the human race is going through growing pains and is coming upon its maturity. This will lead to a certain amount of turbulence in the world as the shift unfolds.

    I agree that the challenges arising from this transformation are overwhelming for the individual. We are being asked to prepare the unawakened for this monumental event, and yet, we have not been specific instructions as we are to proceed in doing so.

    In order for us, to make a difference in this transformational process we do not need to single-handedly “save the world.” For most us, it is only necessary that we give support to those we come into contact with in their awakening. It’s important to know that this can be an emotionally exhaustive experience for everyone involved.

    We should also realize that even if the person we are helping has already “awakened,” there are a number of levels that person must go through in order to make their awakening complete and help the person be effective his own work.

    I am expanding upon what you just said Heather. Please tell me whether or not I am correct in making this statement. You seem to be better informed about this situation than I am. You are also blessed in your ability to properly help others fully awaken.

    Fear not – You CAN save the world little Empath!!

    Good job!!


  2. I’d like to think that we’re at a tipping point, or whatever, but I’m not sure. My guess is that when humanity overcomes one type of hurdle, a whole new series of problems arise. And I don’t know if this process will ever end, as long as there’s time.

    And David, in my ripe ol’ years I’ve become skeptical of the idea that someone can be fully enlightened. I remember talking about this with a fellow student in India, some years ago. He said, “I’ve never seen one” (i.e. a perfected sage). And you know what? Neither have I!

    I guess part of my embracing the Christian path (no, I’m not trying to convert you all!.. just saying..) is that it advocates a reasonably happy life here and a supremely happy one in the next. That’s actually from the Serenity Prayer. But it encapsulates my belief. Whenever a teacher promises absolute bliss (all the time down here) I usually want to run in the opposite direction.

    Just by two bits… Nice article, Heather.


    • Yes Michael, I would have to fully agree with you on that! I do not believe we will ever become “fully” enlightened – for the path towards enlightenment is our journey and our lessons. The more we become awakened, the closer we become to the Divine source. Our human minds simply cannot grasp and explain something so beyond our comprehension, nor should we try to. Faith, self awareness and love should be our intent and trust in the fact that we do not need to know or explain the “why” and the “how”. As intended, the answers will be there when they need to be.


  3. Thanks Mike. I agree with you that the human spiritual evolutionary process is continuous. It reflects the infinite nature of the universe. I also feel there are times when a race reaches a critical point in its development. In such cases, significant changes may required in order for the race reach the next stage its spiritual development.

    That’s just another one of my many theories. I appreciate your two bits. 🙂


  4. Hey Heather, I am glad to see the word “love” in there. So often people’s egos get in the way, and it comes down to power struggles. Reminds me of Saint Paul, who said somewhere in the NT, “all gifts without love are meaningless” (my paraphrase). I also like the way you stress the reciprocity of a given dynamic.

    David, good point about a tipping point prior to entering into a new (imperfect) level. Very possible. Still, I think this whole idea of a new level needs to be elaborated on a bit. Maybe a new level in some parts of the world but not others?


    • I am not sure how this paradigm shift will play out. Like Heather said, it will reveal itself in time. In meantime we should keep watch as it unfolds, and be receptive to spirit (?) messages. I am leaning towards the conflict theory. No pain no gain. That may be my speculative side speaking.

      I just posted an article that gives my views on the topics being discussed here. They are just my opinions. 🙂


      • Well David, as you probably know by now, I’m pretty skeptical about spirit messages. I believe they can happen. But when they do, I think they are probably quite simple and not long tomes that just seem to fit so nicely into glossy New Age publications!

        I think a lot of alleged audio spiritual messages are probably the imagination (the brain is a complicated organ) or perhaps naughty or downright evil spirits.

        Whether we call this “mental illness” and not “spirit obsession” or, in some cases, “hucksterism” depends, I guess, on the situation and who’s doing the talking.

        I’ve noticed the RCC is bending toward the psychiatric paradigm these days. The word “evil” (as in “protect us from all evil”) in the liturgy seems to have been largely replaced by “stress” or “anxiety.”

        An interesting shift.


      • Hey Mike,

        I hear what you are saying. You and I have had a lot of thought-provoking conversations around this issue. I believe it’s extremely difficult to determine to separate psychological principles from metaphysical/spiritual concepts. They are both necessarily intertwined. It’s certainly a confusing issue.

        Psychiatrists are not the best source of information when it comes to metaphysical/spiritual/supernatural matters. The psychiatric community has no interest in dealing with this subject. We’ve never been able to work this one out either . . . but at least we made the attempt. That’s more than I can say for them. 🙂

        You know that I am natural skeptic because of my background (you know that better than anyone). I do lean toward spirit messages and channeling being valid (not in all cases). I like to use my analytical side to try to “figure it out.” I learned from Heather that using logic to explain the supernatural is like trying to explain the “meaning of life” in a 200 page book . . . which I attempted to do. 🙂

        Heather has been saying all along that we don’t need to know all of the answers because we never will. The universe is too large and complex for us to ever know everything. We are relatively small in the grand scheme. Thanks Heather!

        Being a Spiritualist, I truly believe there are reasons why spirits give us messages. It just takes some time to contemplate what they are saying. I have had so many unexplained supernatural experiences in the past two years that I have become more open-minded in my views . . . despite my skeptical side. 🙂 I have seen things that are literately impossible in this world. It’s gotten to the point that I just take things as being “normal.” No worries!

        Mike you have been a good friend to me. I have enjoyed our conversations. I admire and respect both you and Heather very much. You have made an enormous contribution to my writing and the person that I have become. I am grateful for that.

        I’ll revisit this conversation later. I feel I have something more to say about this issue. In the meantime, I’m going to finish this other article. I’ve been side-tracked by so many things in the last two days.

        I think lengthy comment is an article in itself!

        Thanks Mike!


      • Hey David, this site is a nice place to discuss. I get the feeling that Heather reads these in an intelligent, compassionate way.

        I think with spirit communication it’s helpful if we try to verify. I’m not talking about mutual backslapping among so-called psychics. There’s just way too much experimentor bias for me to take that seriously.

        I’m thinking more along the lines of St. Paul, who wrote that we have to test spirits and spiritual powers. How? Well, we judge them by their fruits. There are other complexities here, and I’m sure I’ve touched on them somewhere. But I’m on the tablet, which makes speedy navigation a tad problematic!


      • I appreciate the both of you and your perspectives 🙂 The human ego will always fight (and usually wins) to make sense of something or try to make the intangible, tangible. Once you can step away from that ego and stop and listen to your inner soul, only then will you find the answers you are looking for. They are already there, within you. Spirit does communicate with me and does so often, but only because I have learned to stop and listen and not question or prove what it is telling me. By accepting what is, I honor my truths and become closer to my higher self.


  5. Heather – You put this line in an email/letter a while back.

    “We are all connected on some level. Some of us share spiritual bonds that are stronger than others but that doesn’t mean if they were connected in one lifetime that they will be connected during this one. They will always be there however, transcending time and space.”

    This sentence is poetic, beautiful, and meaningful. I was going to incorporate something like this into an Empath article. I can’t seem to get the words out.

    I feel that there are other things that I would like to talk about based on the comments that have been left on all of these blogs over the past few months. I’m trying to think of what I want say. I know that it is all very positive and will help people.



  6. In keeping with the Paradigm Shift topic (which is where I think I was headed), I talked about how this event requires all of us to experience our inner selves (on a deeper level) in order to transform. This is an uncomfortable process. I have experienced it personally, and I have written about it on my blog. I believe that we need to examine our belief systems to determine which paradigms hold true for us. This includes the spiritual. People like Heather and Gary have a special talent in helping others successfully pull through this transformational process.

    I believe everyone can explore themselves and ultimately be okay with who they really are, and even find meaning it.

    Does this make sense? I guess it does to me or I wouldn’t have written it. 🙂


  7. Hey David I looked at the site but will just reply quickly for now… Sort of a two in one.

    I think this is a potentially complicated topic. Each person is different. Having said that, for me it’s important to try to discern what comes from God and what might come from lesser origins. That doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes follow my gut. But even then, I try to understand and, if possible, verify the wisdom/appropriateness of my choice as time goes by. Otherwise, I’d never learn from my mistakes.

    One thing I don’t doubt is the veracity of true spiritual perceptions of grace. You just feel those. God’s love is God’s love. Unambiguous and pure.

    But over the years I went through a lot of inferior stuff before I really consciously understood the difference. For me, anyhow.


  8. Yes. I know. You try to be rational and reasonable like me. Its very difficult in applying logic to what you and I are involved in. I do believe that our analytical side has a place in the spirit communication and supernatural general.

    I have found it extremely difficult in determining whether or not my intuitive sense is accurate in some of my more sensational experiences. Sometimes we have to accept what we “feel” is true, as true, without analyzing it do death. That way we can work with what drives our passion. I feel like I would be kidding myself if I continue to deny what I know to be true (inside).

    I have probably been wrong more often than not. That’s what being human is all about. That’s how we learn. Few mistakes are fatal. If I were afraid of making a mistake I would be deceiving the better part of me.

    There have been many times when I would go back and forth between feeling insane. I feel I need to accept the Truth in order to have a balanced mind. That doesn’t mean that I believe everything I have seen as having “reality”. But when you “know” something . . . then you do in fact know it be true. Others may not believe what I believe or what you believe, but I’m not sure that matters. We don’t have verbalize every thought or act on every impulse or emotion. We are all strong-minded, or at least we can be.

    I think Heather explained this in one her previous comments.

    ~ David


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