Looking For Your Soul Mate? Best Look Inside First…(Part 1)

“No one is going to complete you…
Only YOU can complete you”  ~ HL


(c)2013 HLamb

    It is the theme of every love story, long lost loves together at last. We all search for it, hunger for it – pray that it finds us before it is too late. At times it seems like something we search for our entire lives. People come in and we fall in love and we think that they are the “one”. I believe there is partial truth to that, they are the “one” for that time in your life but they may not necessarily be “THE ONE”.

    I know there are many variations on the definitions of a soul
mate – debatable if there is one or many; soul mates in a non romantic sense; different names such as twin souls or twin flames. For simplicity sake, I am referring to “soul mate” as the “one” ultimate love that we all so desperately seek; the yin to our yang, the mirror image of ourselves. The one you know is out there but just don’t know how or where to find them.

    It was only until recently that I had a revelation about my belief in soul mates and it started with a quote I read from The Daily Love, by Mastin Kipp, “Your soul mate is not going to come along, your soul mate is going to be where you are going.” Wait, what? What is that supposed to mean? Never before had I put the two and two together. This tied the concepts of self-realization and soul mates together in a completely new light.

    You have to get where you are going BEFORE you can meet your soul mate. No one is going to come save you, you have to awaken, do your work, face your fears and ALL the icky junk in between. Only then, will you be able to come together as two complete souls. That realization literally hit me on the head like a ton of bricks, but it made beautiful and perfect sense. I realized I had known this all along, but it was far easier to think that there might be a shortcut or easier way to go about it. 🙂

    My outlook has completely shifted on this topic. As a little girl I dreamed of “him” and of our perfect children and our house by the sea. I saw images of us on a covered front porch in our rocking chairs holding hands and being perfectly content and blissfully happy. Real life doesn’t quite work out that way as I quickly discovered. Over time, and over different partners, I began to harden to the idea of a soul mate at all. I forgot my daydreams and dismissed it as childhood fantasy and figured that if I was meant to be with “him” I certainly would have found him by now. I had become accustomed to live in the here and now – which was nothing like the love stories I used to believe in. I had forgotten what it meant to be happy, I had given up on ever finding “him,” and even given up on the state of bliss I once believed possible. “That is not real, that is not life.” This is what I told myself, and by doing so, I created the very reality that matched my belief.

(Part Two – My Personal Journey)

Love & Light


~ by Heather on September 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “Looking For Your Soul Mate? Best Look Inside First…(Part 1)”

  1. really related to this one lol!


    • Sad but very true I’m afraid. At least it takes pressure off your soul mate if they know they aren’t expected or held responsible to complete you.
      Glad I’m off the hook there! Thanks for stopping by and reading, I appreciate you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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