Looking For Your Soul Mate? Best Look Inside First…(Part 3)

“When you are in a state of love, there are no judgments. When you are in a state of love, you are just simply there. You are present, fully accepting, living and being the truest essence of who you are. There are no expectations or demands from another. “  ~ HL

DSCN1793-001 (c)2013 HLamb

    The harder you search for something, the more it will evade you. The key to finding your soul mate is simply to stop looking. You will NEVER find them until you find yourself. Only then, when you can be in a state of love and a state of allowing love, will you uncover what it is you have been searching for your entire life. You will BE love and emit love and the simple universal Law of Attraction will bring two “likes” together without you ever having to go search for it at all.

    Sounds too easy, right? All you have to do is BE love? All you have to do is look honestly at yourself, forgive yourself, heal yourself? Well, anyone can do that. Of course anyone can do that, but amazingly so many CHOOSE not to do that. Who wants to look at all the “yuck” that happened years ago when they can just “skip” a level and not deal. So, so many choose to “skip their levels” with addictions, self-destructive behaviors and engage in never-ending ego power trips over others. Truth is, life is not a video game, and you cannot skip to level 4 to avoid the fire breathing dragon on level 3. If you do, that same fire breathing dragon will eventually come find you on higher levels and destroy you. Persistent that dragon is!  🙂

    I do believe that the path of self-realization and the path to your soul mate indeed comes with help from the Divine. We are never left to flail alone, completely reliant on our own devices. We can get so stuck in our human egos that we tend to forget who we really are. We forget that we are all connected, because we are so busy being disconnected. Curious coincidences and synchronicites will begin to smack you square in the face, for I believe that there are no accidents. More like Spirit saying, “Seriously people, WAKE UP!”  Everything you need is already right there in front of you. We are so busy defining and judging what we think we want, or what we think things should look like, that we tend to get sidetracked and a little off course.

    When that “ONE” love does find you, be prepared for it to look NOTHING like you daydreamed it would. Chances are you won’t even notice it at first because it is so different from what your human mind has wasted so much energy creating and defining what you think it should look like. Your soul mate will just be there with a sudden realization like, “Well, hello you! There you are!” and it will feel like you are looking into a mirror; a mirror of complete love, understanding, compassion, and acceptance. A place where both souls can be “safe” to be exactly the person they are in that moment. A place where past hurts and traumas no longer play out with the same destructive forces they have in relationships past, because now you have looked at those pains and identified them; a place where both can acknowledge each other’s hurts and lessons and simply be there to help support each other to continue to heal.

    Want to find your soul mate? Stop looking. Uncover who you are and all the beautiful things that have made you who you are. Stare into the face of your fears and conquer them head on with love and acceptance and understanding. When you can finally see how you have allowed your “fears” to play out in your relationships time and time again, and you can forgive yourself for that – only then can your healing begin and only then will you experience the true love you have always desired.

Love & Light


~ by Heather on September 28, 2013.

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