Book Review – “I am the Phoenix”

i am the phoenix cover“Right now, we are entering into an unprecedented time in our current history. What you choose to be, what actions you take and how you decide to treat others will all impact on you, as an individual.

Remember, nothing is set in stone. You are not bound to any destiny. You can choose a world of light and joy or you can choose a world full of greed and pain.

It is always your choice and you will eventually find yourself in the place that you expect. Everyone will be right because you are creating and co-creating your reality.

So choose wisely. Choose carefully and choose from love. Know that every choice, major and minor attunes you. The choice is always yours.”   – Gary R Leigh

How far would you go to save a soul?

What if you began to awaken to the realization that the world we live in is not what it seems?

What if you kept hearing the same messages in your thoughts, over and over, no matter what you did?

What if you were under psychic attack every moment of your life?

I am the Phoenix, addresses these questions and more, as the answers came through a lifetime of channeling from Gary Leigh’s guides.

A lonely and isolating road at times – Gary was left to question anything and everything being portrayed by his modern day existence. This unique story depicts his personal journey on the road to self-realization and how he arrived at his own spiritual awareness that he indeed was the Phoenix source.

In this compelling autobiography, Gary, recounts his memory of a story dating back to the times of the Egyptian Gods. A story about the god of chaos, Seth, and the dangerous deal his father made in order to save him from the path of darkness.

Seduced by the silver tongue of Apep, Seth finds himself on a path that puts his very soul in jeopardy.

This is a story of great risk, love and redemption.

A story to remind us that love is all there is, and all that ever was. One cannot defeat darkness with more darkness; with the light of love, the impossible made possible. Love, alone, lies at the core essence of every human soul. A story to teach and remind each and every one of us, that we all possess the power of Gods. We are all connected to one another and everything.

The intention of I am the Phoenix, is to gently help awaken and remind others of their true inner being. To encourage individuals to listen to their own voice, and not the voice of others who are quick to define their reality for them.

One by one, as the world awakens, you will begin to see the power of this “Shift”. Gradually, the world will transform as each individual begins taking responsibility for his/her own reality. Each person can find their own power but it is all about making choices. You DO have the power to create and manifest a new reality; a new reality based from love, not fear.

I want to personally thank my dear friend Gary for this labor of love. Gary is an Empath (someone who can sense other people’s emotions) who has experienced and studied what it means to be one. He has spent a good part of his life devoted to helping and empowering empaths all over the world. He is a lifelong scholar of the esoteric and has also studied Bach Flower Remedies intensively since 1994. He has made significant discoveries in regards to BFRs and found them to be an invaluable tool in aiding emotional distress. His devotion to assist others is selfless and unconditional. All who know him are indeed blessed and I am one of the lucky ones. Thank you Gary!

Please visit Gary’s website for more interesting articles and resources at

Gary’s book can be purchased here

Love & Light


~ by Heather on October 21, 2013.

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