Clean Up On Aisle 9

“When we Love, we must Love in spite of the fear of what
others will do.
We cannot control other people’s
opinions of us, or their actions.”   
~ Mastin Kipp

DSC02501(c)2013 HLamb

   Ever notice how quick people are to complain or put someone down? Why are we so hesitant to praise, compliment or acknowledge? Why is anger so easy to express and love so difficult? I suppose acting from fear, can be projected as blame, guilt or hatred towards another – whereas acting from love, means having to be open, honest and vulnerable with ourselves.

   Anger appears to be a much easier and safer emotion to project than love, but is it really healthy? Responding with anger gives us the illusion that we can protect our hurt and true emotions versus responding in love which leaves us feeling uncomfortably exposed.

   Regardless at how you respond to another’s behavior, the truth behind your feelings and emotions will remain the same. How you interact with another is completely up to you. You have the choice to speak on feelings based out of fear or out of love.

   I witnessed an event while grocery shopping the other day. It was indeed painful to watch as an Empath, having to see it all go down in 3D. I heard the words, saw the physical reactions and felt the energy and emotions all in one fell swoop. The incident lasted only seconds, but the impact was everlasting.

   I watched as two women shoppers pushed carts past one another. It was immediately obvious that they were acquaintances, and had already run into each other previously in the store. As their paths crossed again, woman “A”, without making eye contact with Woman “B”, snottily muttered, “Oh…and I saw the article about your daughter in the paper!” and she continued down the aisle without even a glance back.

   My eyes immediately fell on woman “B”. She looked like she had just been stabbed in the chest. Her mouth hung open, but nothing came out except an exhale and something that sounded like, “uhhhh”. She didn’t even know how to respond, not that I could blame her. I continued watching and felt her energy drain as if the very life had just been sucked out of her. She might as well have been lying in a pool of her own blood right in the middle of Aisle 9 for that matter.

   For a brief moment, I wanted to go to her for I was feeling her hurt and pain. I also wanted to chase after woman “A” and say something snide back like, “Well, that was sure NOT sincere!” She should have kept her mouth shut, for I knew she probably had no idea what she had just done. I however “saw” exactly what had just happened, and that was woman “A” putting down woman “B” to help her ease her own insecurity and jealously.

   The whole interaction spoke volumes and was just a reminder that people have choices on how to respond to others. Woman “A” had choices – she could have come from a place of “love”, and graciously congratulated and complimented woman “B” for the article on her daughter. However, she choice a path from a place of “fear”, which in turn led her to project her own jealously or resentment in a hurtful manner. Ultimately, she chose to put woman “B” down, so she could put herself “above” her.

   I see people do this ALL of the time, and I know they are not even aware of what they are doing. Rarely do I think they stop to think how their hurtful words can be perceived by the other person. The recipient of the hurtful remark will tend to take it personally and think that what was said must be true; which now invokes their own feelings of self doubt and low self worth. It is a vicious cycle and a destructive one to say the least. No one wins.

   Part of my personal work has been to uncover those “hurtful” projections I have held onto and see them for what they are. They are not an accurate picture of who I am, nor are they my truths. Just because someone else “says” something, does not mean it should become your truth. Anything hurtful anyone has ever said to you, most likely has absolutely NOTHING to do with you! They are just projections that represent someone reacting from their own place of fear. Why are we so quick to gobble those “hurts” up and leave them in our hearts? They certainly serve us no purpose, and in turn can lead us to be the ones spewing out our “hurts” at someone else.

   Being able to recognize this dynamic has helped me tremendously to get rid of all those “hurts” that keep me from shining my light and being who I am. I make it a habit to openly compliment people every day. Whether it telling the woman at the coffee counter she looks pretty, thanking someone for outstanding service or just making eye contact and smiling at someone. You literally have NO idea the effects you can have on a total stranger from such small simple acts coming from a place of love.

   Just being aware of your actions and words can not only lift others up, but can also tremendously boost your own well being. Now that is a “win-win” for everyone! How can you lift people up instead of cutting them down?

Love & Light

~ by Heather on November 3, 2013.

6 Responses to “Clean Up On Aisle 9”

  1. Another good read 😉 it’s so true that we encounter others “who are not even aware of what they are doing” when they are projecting hurtful ideas. Reminds me of that song “Smiling Faces” by ummm The Temptations maybe? Anyway, all your points well taken.


    • I think u totally just ‘dated’ yourself – hehe
      I actually googled that song bc it was waaaay before my time 😉
      Love it!!! I’ve been having A LOT of those ‘smiling faces’ appear lately……


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