The Gift

“Surrender is faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything even when you cannot foresee the outcome.” – Deepak Chopra

photo (20)-001“Love Rocks”
(c)2013 HLamb

     Crazy things have been happening to me as of late. A lot I am trying to wrap my head around – the events seem so incredible, yet entirely unbelievable! In spite of how preposterous it all seems, I know I am not crazy. My heart and head have been engaging in daily battle. I finally decided that it time to surrender, and listen to what my inner truth is saying, despite everyone else’s “truths”.

     Yesterday was a pivotal turning point for me. A lot of “A ha’s” if you will. I have been struggling making sense of all that was around me. Struggling with the fact that “it”, was conflicting with the very essence of my being. I have been getting so much pressure to “make a plan” and everyone has been demanding to “know my plan” and insisting that I get one; simply not acceptable to not have one in their opinion.

     What few fail to understand is, here is my plan… “I DON’T have a f*ing plan!” (Sorry if the language offends, but that is exactly how I was feeling.) I have always known that the answer will reveal itself when it is time. I can only do what is right for me at the moment, and that moment is right now! I can’t tell you what or where I will be going 3 months from now!

*note: (after I finished writing this piece, I did develop a plan so I have something ready to share the next time someones asks me) 🙂

     This sentiment was validated yesterday when I received a beautiful gift from my favorite angel. In true form, she gently guides me. When my foot steps off path, she lovingly nudges me right back on center.

To read full story of what happen yesterday… click here

So for everyone who wants to know my plan…. here is my plan….

“I wake to each day with no expectations and trust that what I need will find me.

I choose to live right now, in this moment, for really that is all we have.

I choose love. I choose to be love and immerse myself in love, because that is my “story”, that is my “truth”, and that is my soul’s journey.

I choose to swim against the tide and against the direction everyone else is swimming, because that direction doesn’t feel right to me. Being me feels right. Being me makes my heart happy.

Like a ship on the open sea, I choose to ride the storm and bounce with grace along with the waves because I know I will always, always, arrive safely back at shore.”

And so this is her path, this is her journey,
and it has only just begun…

Love & Light

~ Heather

~ by Heather on November 27, 2013.

5 Responses to “The Gift”

  1. This so fits! You’re plan is beautiful! Namaste _/l\_


  2. Loved this Heather!



  3. I loved reading the full story! Wonderfully written and such a great experience! Loved the messages from your friend in spirit. And loved your new plan! I rarely ever have much of a plan either, apart from waiting for the universe to reveal my next steps to me. Has worked great so far, but it doesn’t make for very good small talk 😉


    • Thank you Thea! I think we share the same philosophy about slowing down and seeing what the universe has in store for us! My life is so much more peaceful when I allow things to flow and not try to cram life into my agendas or what I think things should be like. Once I stopped worrying about plans I saw all the blessings right in front of me 🙂 Love & Light – Heather


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