Human Evolution and Lions & Tigers & Bears “Oh My!”

“Human Evolution – For Science Lovers”

     A friend of mine sent me the link to this video this morning. This video puts a scientific spin on “Empathy”. I know I tend to be more of the “spiritual” Empath, but that is because my life experiences have led me that way. This post balances out my last post which was more from my heart. I realize that at times people will look upon my viewpoints with irritation and doubt, and that is okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. How boring if we all did everything exactly the same way. Your way may not be my way, but that doesn’t make either way wrong or right – just different.

     I am highly sensitive. I am highly Empathic and I love deeply. It’s who I am. I am a lover of all people. Men, women, black, white, plaid, zig zag, gay, straight, Jew, Atheist, Christian, Canadian, polka dot, alien, Asian, etc.  I don’t care what you are or how you define your self – it really doesn’t matter. I “see” others as I see myself, as human beings trying to navigate this planet the very best way we know how.

     This post is dedicated to all my science lover friends (and you know who you are!) 😉 It shows how the human evolution process is happening yet again. It explains our tendency to be Empathic by nature and how we are shifting to a new level of consciousness that embraces this concept.

     I “feel” my way through life and a lot of times cannot explain it or prove why. So this did a pretty decent job of scientifically explaining how we have evolved and why we are at such a critical turning point in our evolution. We are either going to get it, or we won’t.

     A good reminder to be conscious of your choices, mindful of your thoughts and know that everything you do here matters. You are not here by happenstance, you do create this world we live in and you ARE important!

Love & Light

~ by Heather on January 4, 2014.

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