Little Boy Blue

photo 5          LITTLE BOY BLUE

Oh little boy, with eyes piercing blue, Full of trust and wonder
and a heart so true.

How I envy you, as I watch you explore, basked in wonder, contentment, running along the seashore.

To try and fly with the birds, teasing you overhead, to run until your legs give in. To scream so loud, with all of your might, enough to scare creatures who dare steal your light.

Seeking treasures and writing your name in the sand, building castles and dreaming of faraway lands.

Watching you humbled as the waves crash the shore, standing in awe of a world never seen before.

The life of a child should be simple and without care, full of snuggles and kisses and twirling your hair. Reading stories and pretending you are a ferocious beast, as I cower and let you ‘monster’ tackle me.

You are not of my flesh and blood, but my love for you no less than any good mothers should. Such a tender loving soul, at only age two, but my heart breaks inside to know you’ve had the experiences you do.

Not all mothers and fathers can do as they planned; I can be the light in the dark, and reach for those hands.  All children born under a birthright of love, matters not the ties of familial blood. For the wise ones know, a true family, bloodlines cannot make, a hurting soul simply needs a hand to take.

To every child that crosses my path, I will offer them shelter from the world’s unavoidable wrath.  To love and cherish as if they were my own, even if for a brief moment, give them a feeling of home.

For I know that they too, have been exposed to a place, that teaches them fear, and teaches them hate. They have already seen a world that is not always safe, been confused, and experienced a cruel twist of fate.

A mother wants only to protect her small child, but the world doesn’t always allow a smooth ride. For the times I cannot be there to protect and console, my wish is for others to fulfill my role.

Because someday your child may need a loving hand, and I promise I will give them all that I can. In return, I ask the same of you, that you look after those that don’t belong to you.


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~ by Heather on November 21, 2014.

9 Responses to “Little Boy Blue”

  1. Too cute. Who is this? your grand?


    • Oh my! No! I better be a mom again before I earn the grandma title 😉 I’m gonna fight for my youth as long as I can! He is a special little man that belongs to a friend of mine. Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you


  3. Moved to tears by the final thoughts. “For the times I cannot be there to protect and console, my wish is for others to fulfill my role.” – so brilliant & nurturing…that’s all we mothers wish for isn’t it? Sigh…thank you for this precious tribute Heather 💜


  4. Oooh! Your photos are gorgeous…lush, rich xxxx


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