A Mother’s Love Poem

dragon-and-phoenix-chinese-culture Courtesy of Megaritual 2014

You both were created from the very same light –
never intended, this insidious fight.

No dark versus light

No wrong versus right

For your illusion that one is better than the other, has lead you down roads far away from your mother.

For can’t you see I love you both dearly my sons? Can’t you see now we have always been one?

The past is now past, it cannot be unsung. The war of many lifetimes that could never be won. Put down your weapons so worn from the fight, the both of you, casualties from this senseless plight.

Repeated movies, nothing but tired reruns.
The cycle stops now, my precious loves.

No need for apologies or explanations due, what happened has happened; it is time for the truth.

Time to make right, all we have wronged. Time to start singing a new unheard song. Time for the Yang, to become one with the Yin – equally balanced yet contained within.

I have cried enough tears showered down from above, nothing no nothing, can erase true love. Nothing you say or will ever do, can make me stop loving the either of you.

I am too weak and too fragile, have endured too much pain, to watch this struggle start all over again.

~ Heather Leigh 2014

~ by Heather on November 22, 2014.

2 Responses to “A Mother’s Love Poem”

  1. Nice poem.


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