The Face of a Healer (Part One)

“Just because someone can do something you can’t, doesn’t make them better than you…
Just different.” ~ HLeigh







We are here. We are not superheroes here to save the day, truth is, we can barely save ourselves – but we are working on it. We walk amongst you, because we are one of you. As the word of our arrival and awakening begins to spread, I want to share my experiences with you, so that others who have yet to awaken do not fall prey to the predators that are lingering out there to take your hard earned cash.

So….what does the face of a healer look like? I am using the term ‘we’ collectively to describe just some of the characteristics that make up the group of healers I personally have connected with.

We are old, we are young, we are middle age, we are small children, we are married, we are divorced, we are single, we are gay, we are lesbians, we are straight, we are Hispanic, we are black, we are white, we are men, we are women, we are from all over the globe, we are Catholic, we are Mormon, we are Presbyterian, we are atheists, we aren’t religious, we are deeply spiritual, we are parents, we have never been parents, we have been emotionally abused, we have been physically abused, we have been sexually abused, we are deeply sensitive, we feel things other people don’t, we communicate with spirit, we see spirit, we feel spirit, we have a knowledge of things we don’t understand, we are overweight, we are unhealthy, we are very healthy, we eat things we shouldn’t, we eat right, we are sick, we are dying, we look younger than we should, we are alcoholics, we are porn addicts, we are drug addicts, we have sexual dysfunctions, we have mental disorders, we are bi polar, we struggle with depression, we are suicidal, we are in toxic relationships, we are in healthy relationships, we are lonely, we are loving, we are psychic, we are extremely compassionate, we put others needs before our own, we send healing energy, we aid others in their own healing, we are control freaks, we don’t care, we live in this moment, we trust a higher power, we trust no one, we don’t believe in anything, we believe in believing, we change people’s lives, we perform the unexplainable, we are bitter, we are blissful, we are jaded, we are angry, we are happy, we are deeply traumatized, we are confused, we feel high expectations upon us, we feel guilty, we love and we hate, we are self-sacrificing, we are lost, we doubt ourselves, we amaze ourselves, we question our self worth, we are funny as all hell, but most importantly…


We are entering uncharted waters and we need the support and love from one another now more than ever. At least I do 😉 Most days I feel like I’m nothing more than one hot little mess!

So there you have it, our first dirty little secret… we can heal others but we can’t yet heal ourselves. Ironically, we are probably more fucked up than most people. Life does have a sense of humor, thank God!!!

This ain’t Mary’s Jesus and we
are not in Kansas anymore Toto…


~ by Heather on November 23, 2014.

6 Responses to “The Face of a Healer (Part One)”

  1. Peace be with you , Thank you


    • Thank you Butch 🙂 Do you know something funny, as soon as I read this my first response was “and also with you”
      Now that’s some good ol’ conditioning from my catholic school girl days right there 😉
      And for those who are wondering….no, I wasn’t one of ‘those’ naughty catholic school girls….. Ok, Actually I really was 🙂
      My family wasn’t even catholic so I was all, “Your rules make no sense to me, therefore I don’t have to obey them”


  2. It definitely takes all kinds to make up the village of healers.


  3. Love this so much!


  4. What a lovely melting pot you describe


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