To Feel Or Not To Feel

“Everything is AWESOME!
Or maybe that’s just a movie…”

everything-is-awesomeCourtesy of Ccoleman Superhero Blog

Some days I feel euphoric like the little Lego guy above, everything is awesome! But other days, I want to smash his stupid little happy face in. Do I want everyday to be a ‘everyday is awesome’ day? Well of course I do! Is it realistic? No. I accept the fact that as human beings, we can’t ALL be happy ALL of the time. If we were, we would be nothing more than programmed robots.

Life is not a Lego movie, the world doesn’t wake up automatically blessed with pasted smiles and happy show tunes. Plenty do, but plenty don’t. Is it unrealistic to think we could all feel the same way, all the time, and still call ourselves human? I don’t think so. All I care about is how ‘I’ want to feel awesome as much as I can, and I have found that when I allow myself to feel, and understand how others feel, I allow more awesomeness in.

I choose ‘awesome’. Everyone has a choice. Along with that choice, I accept the days that I do not feel ‘awesome’. Even though I may want to smash happy Lego guy, I choose not to, because I know that tomorrow I will feel awesome once again and someone somewhere is going to want to smash my little happy face in, and probably will. 🙂

I don’t understand why we live in a world that has conditioned us that it is not okay to ‘feel’? As if emotions are some sort of weakness we have been taught to stuff inside. Forced to create elaborate masks of illusion just to make sure no one sees them. The more elaborate your mask, the better you hide, the stronger you are? What!?!? Why is it not okay to be upset? Angry? Passionate? Opinionated? Scared? Brokenhearted? Insecure? Jealous? Pissed off?

There is nothing wrong with having those feelings, what becomes wrong is when instead of understanding where those feelings are coming from, we lash out instead; sometimes in actions that can be harmful to others. Everyone is free to have a bad day, but most of us lash out at the ones who didn’t cause the upset. We lash out to those close to us because we fear speaking up to the offender. If our boss is a total asshole, we say nothing because we are scared of getting fired. We stuff those emotions and then where do they go? They have to go somewhere. Your spouse, your child, your dog, the coffee barista…. you get my point.

Most of the time what people blow up about has nothing to do with what it may appear. They throw a temper tantrum like a child because they don’t know how to express their true feelings. They are simply frustrated at not being heard, not being respected, not being loved. When feelings go unacknowledged and invalidated, they become more lethal than a nuclear war head. The evil guy that wants to blow up the world… deep down he really is a good guy. He was just told one too many times his feelings didn’t matter, that he didn’t matter. Everyone has ‘their’ side of the story, even the bad guys.

As a way to avoid uncomfortable feelings, a lot of people seem to try to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. Just because you want to pretend ‘everything is awesome’ doesn’t make it so. Reach out to those who are not feeling awesome, and spread your awesomeness, don’t cast them aside. Be compassionate and understand that they are probably acting out from the mistreatment from another. Talk to them. Get to know them. Have them tell you their story. Show them you care about how they feel. Your simple act of caring and understanding just may save the world someday.

Feelings are a part of what makes us human. Our emotions are a part of our complex, wonderful, amazing divine selves. The good, the bad and the ugly. If you truly want to love yourself and love others, you gotta love everything that makes us who we are. Allow yourself to feel. Allow others to feel. Respectfully. Choose awesome, and if you can’t today, try again tomorrow!






~ by Heather on December 3, 2014.

12 Responses to “To Feel Or Not To Feel”

  1. Beautiful


  2. Everything might not be awesome,
    But Your Totally Awesome 🙂
    Keep it up!


    • I’ve been struggling with far more unawesome days than awesome lately. This time of year, especially after the year I have had – has left me in a heap of uncertainty and exhaustion. I just keep breathing and each day hope the awesome will return soon. Good thing I don’t live near legoland bc I would have been tempted to smash some serious Lego people – jus kiddin;)


  3. Reblogged this on Sharing My Journey; Personal Growth, Family, Posative Parenting, Relationships and Gluten Free Living and commented:
    Well written and so very true.


  4. I am thankful to have found your blog. I started on the path you share on your about you page, in June. It is scary and exciting, thank you for sharing your journey!


    • Gina, so appreciative that you found me and it always feels wonderful to connect with those who can relate. Thank you so much for the reblog. 🙂
      When I write I really don’t think anyone is going to find value in it. I still struggle immensely with my own sense of self worth. Blogging has been extremely healing for me along with the fact I have found others who understand me and don’t push me away. That is so refreshing after feeling alone for so long.
      Here’s to you and your journey my friend and so glad you are sharing your story as well. Thank you for the kind words and follow 🙂


  5. Good evening Heather – I’m sure that you know by reading my posts that I definitely “feel” everything. After reading yours, I am certain that you feel everything as well. I think that’s what keeps us at least somewhere near sanity. This is a wonderful post and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it… in fact I read it twice to instill it a little deeper into my mind. You are such an enlightenment and I thank you so much for sharing your “feelings” with us…
    Have a beautiful evening… and please write more…


    • Thank you for your kindness Michael. I wish I did feel sane. I struggle daily trying to figure out where I fit. I usually feel like I don’t fit in anywhere, so I run and hide wherever I can feel safe. The internet doesn’t feel very good to me because I am so sensitive – the impersonalness of it causes me more harm than good. I struggle w self worth just like everybody else and Strangers can cut me to my core so easily when they hide their true identity behind a computer keyboard and make false assumptions true to their egotistical nature. People like you are rare. I appreciate you more than you know.


  6. Good morning Heather – As I become wiser (some will question that statement) I have found that some people like myself just never really fit anywhere in particular, which I have come to enjoy very much and have discovered some of the most delightfully enlightened human beings who are misfits just like me. I am often quite proud that I don’t fit. I don’t like conforming to the norm or being in with the crowd, which often cost me friends… but then I suppose they weren’t really friends anyway. You’ll have to trust this stranger on this one, but I would stay as far away as possible from personal relationships on the internet, with the exception of keeping it only in print. No personal face to face meetings. Okay that’s just my opinion… I’ll try to stay away from opinions, but it is truly a dangerous world. As far as self worth goes… look at what you have accomplished in life thus far. It may seem insignificant at times to you, but look at what you’ve been through, what you’ve survived. It takes a strong soul to endure many of life’s displeasures and you have done just that. You write beautifully and I have been enlightened by many of your posts and so have many others. Think about the words of knowledge coming from your own experiences that is shining a light brightly upon others who are dealing with very similar circumstances. You may not realize it… but you are brightening the light for many others who are searching… and we thank you from our hearts…
    I apologize for taking up so much space in your comments… I’m wordy…
    Have a beautiful day Heather…


    • I can’t thank you enough for your kind and wise words. My circle of those close to me small, but like you, I cherish the fact that I have never been able to conform with the masses. Though I can connect deeply with people on a certain level… Doesn’t mean they can with me. When I find a like mind and soul, I find it so refreshing and keep them close – for their value worth more than any worldly riches.

      Agree with the dangers of the internet. Those relationships tend to be superficial, and I must remind myself that their are those will ill intentions. I work best spreading my light here in my community w the people who are right in front of me. I believe those I need, and those who need me will be divinely placed directly in my path in pure synchronicity. As were you. Thank you Michael.

      And I’m wordy too…. It’s a beautiful thing. Too much goes unsaid these days anyhow 🙂
      Have a wonderful day!

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