The Angel Flower

“I will give you no more, than what you give to me”  ~ Heather Leigh

Random 2012 037-001 (c)2014 HLeigh

The Angel Flower

Do you realize not, the things you do? That each act of hatred, comes full circle back to you?

Whatever happened to the girl you loved to despise? The one that you hated, and hurt with your lies.

Jealousy and envy blinding your truth,
that the soul you seek to destroy, is actually a reflection of you.

So consumed with defeating her, it became your mistake, all along and unknowingly, you sealed your own fate.

You hated her because you thought she lived without strife, oblivious to the times she tried taking her life.

Never stopping to know her, or listen to what she said. Choosing to quiet her by cowardly placing a bounty on her head. Hating her simply because she spoke her truth, hating her because she was not miserable just like you.

Did you ever stop to ask, why was she such a threat to you? Not a single malicious thing did she ever try to do.

Could it possibly be you’re at war with yourself? The realization of your own mounting failures and deteriorating health?

All your jealous hatred, manipulative lies, mattered not to you the damage caused and nights that she cried. Wondering what on Earth she ever could have done, to earn such scornful wrath from another someone.

Leaving her broken, to now feel like you. A beautiful flower, crushed by your selfish muddied shoe. Forgotten that you too were once that beautiful flower, until life had a say, and YOU chose to turn sour.

After your tempestuous rage and path of destruction, you went on with your life, living in sweet full dysfunction. Blissfully ignorant of what lay in your wake, cold hearted and bitter, not of your concern to take.

All the while left with only her faith, the crushed angel flower, now a casualty from your fall from grace.

She disappeared for a while, submerged in the darkness, making friends with the demons and accepting the madness. Each tear being shed, she welcomed the pain, knowing feeling it would bring her alive once again.

Along with unexplainable power, the choice not to give in, made during her final hour. Embracing the anger no longer with shame, she gained clarity to a life once lived only in vain.

Through nursing her wounds and loving herself whole, she began to see the power in her choices unfold.

Voices inside reminding she gets to choose, voices giving permission to turn others loose. For what they do and what they say, are mere reflections of a choice, not she, but they, have made.

Now seeing clearly, her vision restored, she embraced who she was and loved each of her thorns. Slow and steady as she began to bloom, turned her face to the sun, let the rain wash her wounds. She breathed deep in the life that around her remained, and whispered,’ this is the start of my new life today.’

Be mindful of others, watch each step that you place, for you may crush an angel flower sent to help you find grace. They owe you nothing and will not continue to give, so you can stay hiding within the lies that you live.

Once crushed and reborn, these flowers no longer the same, they will bless you for helping to remember their names. Forgiven, but not forgotten is what will be shown to you, as they hear their own voices and step out from under your shoe.

– Heather Leigh 2014


~ by Heather on December 15, 2014.

13 Responses to “The Angel Flower”

  1. love the pic. did you take that shot?


  2. Lovely, simply lovely. Andddd you’ve been nominated for the Leibster award =


    • Thank you so much for the nomination! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness 🙂 I’ve been under the weather and will tend to writing hopefully again soon. Enjoy the holidays with your family! Cheers XXX


      • We will I’m going to pick up my soldier boy tomorrow


      • Nothing like having your kids home! My oldest son has been visiting for a week and I have really missed him. He turned into an adult at some point when I wasn’t looking. I guess I didn’t screw up too bad, sounds like you didn’t either 🙂


      • I screwed up all kinds of ways but they seem to have overcome all my insanity and turned into amazingly productive adults despite me. ;p I have ten, they may all make it home and I have a few others that we’ve collected too and it looks like we’re in for a full house


      • 10? OMG, you have earned the right to be insane. A full house sounds wonderful. Not in my cards this year but hopefully someday I will have a new ‘family’ who all want to come home.


      • Mine are seldom all in the same house at the same time. They’re scattered all over heck and high water


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