Goodbye WordPress…

•February 28, 2015 • 4 Comments

“For now I must leave you…
Tend to those I hold dear, and those who have been brought before me.
Goodbye and sweet dreams” ~ Heather Leigh

Traveling to the Portland, OR area?
Please stop by and say ‘hi’ 🙂
Contact me directly at:

33HeatherLeigh @gmail (dot) com

Secret Guilty Pleasure

•January 11, 2015 • 21 Comments
6-pinterestphoto c/o

I have a secret addiction. It excites and arouses like any good addiction should.

Offering temporary satisfaction and mind numbing pleasure. Hypnotizing me for hours, causing me to loose all focus on space and time. A welcomed escape from the harsh realities of life.

Exotic breathtaking photographs. Images that stir passion and provocation. Heart fluttering, mouth watering, palm sweating ecstasy.

Is it porn you ask? Oh it’s porn alright. It’s Pinterest Porn, and I can’t get enough of it!

Where else can you indulge in exotic travel and mind-numbing fantasies – all the while tucked snugly in your bed with an ipad? So powerful it can motivate, inspire, and cause excessive daydreaming.

The ability to brainwash me into an excessively domestic goddess – forcing me to succumb to apple crumb cake pleading, “Bake me Heather! You know you want to taste me!”

Oh, my God. I do. I sooo want you apple crumb cake, you delicious brown sugar tease!

I should be embarrassed that this makes up all the excitement in my life at the moment. Sometimes you do what you have to do to ease the pain and escape from the world for awhile. For now, this is where I choose to hide.

Watch out apple crumb cake… one of these days I am actually gonna bake you, and I’m gonna bake you REAL good!

Click below for a sample of the Pinterest experience …
Enter at your own risk & please use protection.
Do not use while hungry.pinterest-button

The Traveling Love Prostitute

•January 6, 2015 • 31 Comments

“The Traveling Love Prostitute”

2015-01-007(c)2015 HLeigh

I’m a little bit crazy, a little bit sane, some might say ‘crazy sane’ is my middle name.

I can teach you how to smile again, laugh out loud, play pretend. Tease you, tell you to ‘lighten up’, because no one but you decides on what’s ‘messing up’.

I can show you how to live a life that’s true, forget your troubles, say goodbye to the blues.

I am tired of waiting for the things that I dream, so now I approach life a little differently.

Go get what I want, love fully each day, be respectful and caring, always ready to play.

Because I realize that tomorrow, life might deal me a new hand, and all of my savings, all of my plans, could be doused in an instant, gone with the wind.

If loving freely and completely is forbidden sin… well, sign me up brother, ‘cause I play to win.

Every person on this planet wants the same basic thing. To be who they are and say what they say. To feel what they feel, not judged right or wrong, to have a voice and be heard, not play the same boring song.

I’m tired of the games of lies and deceit, trying to please others – an impossible feat. Why kill yourself trying, because no matter what you do, someone or something will have a bone to pick with you.

What if time was running out? What if you die before experiencing what life is all about?

Would you spend the rest of your days hiding in shame? Or scream from the top of your lungs, “I don’t give a fuck! I’m going out in flames!”

Is there anyone out there as crazy as me? Who’s looking for more and wants to be free? Who wants to be exactly who they were meant to be?

Can anyone be brought to the point of ecstasy, bathed in a pink sunset lounging by the sea? Who can lose their breath, and heart skip a beat getting drunk and lost in nature’s bounty?

Who wants to kick back and gulp in the moment right where we are? Who wants to share stories and compare battle scars?

Who wants to challenge me on, “Bet my childhood sucked more?” Who wants to play the game of, “Bet I am more of a truth telling whore?”

Who wants to laugh at the mundane and crazy things people do, poke fun at themselves and speak their own truths?

Who really just is tired and doesn’t give a rat’s ass, who they offend and who thinks that they’re crass?

If you fit this description, I’m looking for you…. a ‘crazy sane’ John/Jane to hire this traveling love prostitute.

(Currently accepting applications)


Random Smiles

•January 5, 2015 • 5 Comments

photo (26) (c)2015 HLeigh

Sometimes the most random things make me stop and smile. I walked out of my bedroom this morning to find my dog had left her toy just like this in the middle of the hallway.

There is just something funny about a stuffed frog bending over and looking between his legs.

I am slightly weird – I tend to find humor in the ordinary. Usually a day doesn’t go by without me smiling and thinking to myself, “THAT’s funny.”

May you find a ‘funny’ today that makes you stop and smile 🙂



•January 4, 2015 • 1 Comment

photo 2 (3)-001(c)2015 HLeigh


Shattered soul, a darkened room,
Death while breathing, impervious tomb.

Faint star of blue, just beyond reach,
Memories, feelings, voices teach.

Rise from ashes without being reborn,
Resurrection unwelcome, met with scorn.

Invisible army invades darkest hour,
Soldiers, keepers of a different power.

Dust settles, hearts begin to awaken,
Rightfully reclaiming what once was taken.

Soul reunions, connections, hearts intertwine,
Forgiveness, compassion, true love redefined.

~ Heather Leigh 2015

Why Dead People Are Cooler Than Alive People…

•December 23, 2014 • 12 Comments

(c) 2014 HLeigh


(I primarily experience ‘good’ dead people, but there are some total DICK HEAD dead people!!! The few experiences I have had with those ones were not pleasant, jus sayin…)

– The ‘good’ dead people, kick the ‘bad’ dead people’s asses on my behalf.

– They respect me, and don’t do weird shit to freak me out until they know I am ready to handle it. However, the dick head dead people don’t respect this, and they do whatever the hell they want. They like freaking me out… because they are just dicks.

– They have cool super powers; like moving things and messing with electronic devices.

– They can turn your cell phone on and off enough times to piss you off until you pay attention.

– They can deliver messages you need to see through your computer, mainly via Google.

-They have a great sense of humor, appreciate my sarcasm, fiery spirit AND highly encourage it.

– They don’t get all butt hurt when you yell at them or express how you are feeling.

– I can always be exactly who I am, and they still think I am amazing and totally awesome; even when I am being a dick.

– They speak the truth and push me to speak mine.

– They say all the things they wished they would have said when they were still alive but couldn’t.

– They encourage me to not make the same mistakes they did.

– They protect me constantly and intervene when necessary.

– They save my life. Countless times. Once from drowning as a child; Once by keeping me from taking my own life.

– They make me look like I have cool super powers when I actually don’t. They just work through me and put what I need in my head when I need it.

– They show me a deep unconditional love I crave here in the physical but haven’t been able to find.

– They are so patient. Even when I am flipping them off and shaking my finger towards the sky screaming, ‘Fuck you, your dead’ easy for you to say!!!

– They find multiple ways to communicate with me, and use extreme measures when necessary. I think I test their patience on this one…

– They teach and guide me in ways only I can understand.

– They ‘see’ the bigger picture that they couldn’t see when they were here. They give me their gift of ‘sight’ so I don’t have to wait til I am dead to ‘see’.

– They support me, and are always here for me, even when I feel like I have no one left that cares.

And that’s why dead people are cooler than alive people – but I’m still glad I’m not one of them 😉


Sending Love and Spiritual Crap This Holiday Season…

•December 22, 2014 • 8 Comments

“How to Be Ultra Spiritual”

This video is for my 3 boys. They make fun of me relentlessly when referring to my ‘spiritual crap’. According to my children, there is no God, there are no such things as ghosts or demons, my experiences are made up in my head and I must be mentally ill because none of it exists.

I tell them, “It’s okay if you don’t believe, but if I was a ghost I would be haunting the shit outta all of you right now!” Even I can’t explain what I experience, and I don’t really need to. It just is what it is. Life is too short to take things so seriously.

Do I worry about the fact my kids are all atheists? Not in the least. I think it’s funny as all hell, and life’s irony makes me sit back and smile. One day they may change their minds, and you can guess who is going to get the last laugh!

May you find the ‘funny’ this holiday season!
Sending you love and other spiritual crap,
– Heather 🙂

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