Connecting with Spirit is an ability we all have, and one that brings me much joy and comfort. My Guides share information that is practical, down-to-earth, and beneficial. They won't tell us what to do, but gently remind us of different ways to look at our challenges. Sometimes they tell us things we already know, but for any number of reasons, aren't following through on. We may be blocked or have limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck. My goal is to help people remember their eternal spiritual nature and by doing this, empower them.



I've been a spiritual seeker for over 20 years. After reading Betty Eadie's book, “Embraced by the Light,” I was hooked. She writes about a near-death experience she had when she was declared clinically dead after having surgery. My mother had died several years previously, and I wanted so badly to know where she was and what happens after we die. This book began to answer those questions and made me thirst for more. The “Conversations with God” books changed my life. They helped me open up to a much more expansive view of spiritual truths. One book after another, workshop after workshop, lead to more learning and more curiosity. I have found that once you’re on this path, you never go back. I've studied energy healing and received certifications in Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. Other areas of interest are meditation, mediumship, channeling, the law of attraction, and many more.


Colleen gave me some direction when I needed. I started to do more what she recommended and I honestly feel so much better and more secure of what I want. It was truly a message that I needed to hear at that moment. I found peace in my heart with her advice. -Isabela S.

My reading experience with Colleen was truly one of joy and bliss. From the very first question, she came back with answers that were very profound, and it really struck a chord/ or chords in me. The entire time was relaxed and the conversation was casual which made time fly by so quickly. As we concluded, I felt truly lit-up, enlightened and inspired. I'm not sure if it's my intuition, but I'm getting a good sense that I'm going to be one of her regulars. I invite all of you to have your own joyful experience with her. Cheers. -Carlo C.

A couple of months ago I spoke with Colleen about the direction of my new business. On Christmas Day I got the break I have been looking for and things are quickly taking off in that direction and I could not be more excited! Colleen's gift was a blessing at a time I really needed some direction. -Amy D.

“Colleen is an amazing spiritual being. She's able to connect with source and bring answers to my questions. In time of confusion Colleen was able to bring ease and calmness to me. She was able to connect with my spirit guides when I wasn't able to listen carefully because of my confusion. I appreciate her work and thankful for her gift to us from God. -NamShakti”

I want to say that I have had several readings from Colleen and each one has been 100% accurate, 100% helpful, life-changing. I highly recommend her services. -Lori G.

Colleen was patient and kind (a great "bedside manner," so to speak), which really helped me let my guard down and engage with the process. This reading was definitely helpful and more validating and encouraging than I expected (I even teared up happy tears at one point)! Colleen came highly recommended, and now I see why. -Regina C.

Readings Spiritual Guidance Sessions

I get into a light meditative state and connect with my Guides. They will relay information pertinent to your questions. We all have a spiritual support team who are there to guide and protect us on our journey. They look at the issues that humans deal with from a larger perspective and can offer guidance so that we see things from a higher vantage point. A successful reading should leave the client feeling empowered and more knowledgeable about their own gifts and abilities.

Life is not set in stone. It is up to us to make choices and to do the work to manifest those choices. A channeled reading is focused on self-empowerment and personal responsibility rather than on predictions. Predictions are potentials and possibilities for the future based on how things look right now.

After a reading is purchased, I will contact you via email to schedule your session.

Two-Question Email Reading – $30

30-Minute Phone or Skype Reading – $45 Includes a Recording

45-Minute Phone or Skype Reading – $60 Includes a Recording

Client Information

To make the most of your reading, please schedule it when you can be in a quiet, private space. Take a few moments to relax your body and mind and have any questions ready.

Framing the question properly is key to receiving the best guidance. You are encouraged to be precise, thoughtful, and open in your request for advice so you are able to receive responses that are a high vibrational match.

The reading is not diagnostic in nature, but instead brings forth a higher realm of knowledge and insight for clearer discernment and guidance surrounding personal matters.

I do not give legal, psychological, medical, financial, or business advice. I am the conduit for information coming from my Guides.

I cannot refund money for unused time, missed appointments, or appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance.

The phone readings will be done via free conference call and a recording will be provided. If we're doing a reading with Skype, feel free to record on your end.


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